Digital realities to improve your bottom line

Now you can virtually inspect and revisit your job sites from any device on demand. Take advantage of our adopted cloud technologies connecting developers, designers, builders and owners alike to their project sites with secure and collaborative online viewers.

Our digital realities give you the complete picture of your job site and, not only improve communication, collaboration, and save time, they’re also measurable.

This means you don’t have to travel back and forth to the site get answers. Now you can have the answers right away, 24/7/365, rain or shine.

  • Get an immersive environment to better understand current site conditions
  • Reduce trips to the project site and eliminate waiting
  • Enhance communication & collaboration with remote team members and out-of-town clients
  • Streamline estimation with fewer unknowns and increase your accuracy at projecting costs
  • Increase your confidence to put together a better scope of work and better budget
  • Get the ability to constantly return to the site and grab measurements/dimensions for things that suddenly become important to new design ideas
  • Give your team and clients the flexibility to make different, better decisions for the future of your project
  • Ultimately, reduce change orders

Ask us how we can save you hundreds of staff hours, unnecessary travel costs, and reduce your risk exposure. Our services create opportunities for productivity that may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


Our expertise as a Matterport Service Partner means we can provide an emphasis on a visual reconstruction or tour of your location. With multiple display options, including the ability to embed on your website or store locally, Matterport is the perfect option for those looking for faster turnaround times and reduced project cost. Matterport scans are measurable to 2% of actual. Please click the logo or image thumbnail for a sample Matterport scan.

Matterport SDMM Partner Thumbnail
Click the image above for a sample Matterport project by SDMM.



For those clients looking for the best combination of visual recording and survey quality measurements, TruView Cloud is the industry standard. While more expensive, and time consuming to produce, it harnesses the complete capability of laser scanning. Please click the logo or thumbnail for a sample output.

TruView SDMM Partner Thumbnail
Click the image above for a sample TruView project by SDMM.