Reality Capture

3D measured solutions that give you confidence in every decision

Our Digital Realities Group is an end-to-end service provider of Reality Capture and As-built Documentation Services. We digitally capture every centimetre of your project and deliver the complete picture so you can explore it inside and out. This creates new opportunities for greater project understanding and productivity while saving time, eliminating uncertainty, and minimizing your risk.

We know that Reality Capture data (like point clouds and meshes) is amazing but can be a little daunting to consume, especially at first. We care about your success and our team will help you every step of the way until you are completely comfortable with the information we provide. Whether you need to visually inspect the conditions at a building site or make a few measurements to understand dimensions or clearances, we deliver the real world in rich detail so you can make these determinations from the comfort of your own phone.

Need your project to be BIM-ready? Let us convert your reality data to simplified geometry in common CAD/BIM applications like AutoCAD and Revit so you can give your team the comprehensive as-builts they need to focus their energy on what they’re good at.

Ask about the practicalities and benefits of our services and know that you are getting optimized processes and proven workflows that were developed through practice over time.


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  • Accurate 2D & 3D as-built documentation based on real-world conditions
  • Your project site converted to a digital environment that you can click-share with your entire project team
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  • Measurable walkthroughs of your site in true colour so you can better understand and communicate project spaces
  • Current conditions information to identify and solve problems early, before they cost you a small fortune to fix
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  • The ability to grab measurements and inspect your site on your own time like you were physically there
  • A better way to capture dangerous or hazardous environments safely and remotely
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  • The opportunity to operate your premises in entirely new, intuitive, and sustainable ways


We've always worked in 3D and respect the important link between the design world and the real world. It's our transfer of survey knowledge and expertise into everything we do that allows us to galvanize our clients’ projects with unrivaled, 3D measured as-builts.

We understand that our digital information must be easy to access, work with, and manage. The key to our success is finding the balance between something that is cutting edge but also accessible and affordable to all parties. We continuously evaluate an array of specialized tools, software applications, and related technologies to create customized levels of service scalable to projects of all types and sizes. We’ve embraced the cloud to provide a secure and collaborative access point for better visualization so designers, builders and clients alike can see what exists and what needs to happen (on their job sites).

Innovation is hard work, and we're not letting up. We continuously review our working practices and constantly seek more efficient ways of delivering the highest quality service. Learning from our mistakes allows us to support the needs of virtually any partner with unmatched technical expertise, quality, and value. We've learned how to integrate the very best of measurement technologies and practices into our reality capture workflows, and our specialized team of architectural, engineering, and survey technologists work hard to bring revolutionary value to your projects on demand.

Our Services

3D measured solutions tailored for your unique project environment.

Thorough 3D measured surveys to de-risk your next project
Measured 2D and 3D As-built Documentation for your building project
Digital realities to improve your bottom line