Reality Capture Services

Innovative Measurement Solutions for the Building Industry

Reality Capture is the process of using imaging and scanning technologies to digitally represent and communicate existing conditions.

We specialize in 3D laser scanning, as-built plans, and existing conditions 3D models.


3D scanning sample


AS-built plans sample


Existing Conditions sample

Reality Capture:
A new category of geospatial services

Reality capture gives you the best data available, helping you to make decisions based upon facts and not theory. This will improve your entire project from beginning to end. That means connecting it directly to your digital design process allowing for quicker analysis of existing and as-built conditions and better collaboration on the construction site, resulting in increased productivity, less rework and reduced RFIs. Specifically, for safety, planning, coordination, documentation, inspection, production, stockpile volumes, 3D modeling, and QA/QC.

Experience Reality Capture Benefits:
  • Save time and maintain project schedules
  • Increase accuracy and quality
  • Improve safety
  • Enhance communication and project insight
  • Discover unknowns earlier
  • Avoid embarrassing miscalculations and costly change orders
  • Simplify complex environments
  • Manage project risk