Restoring a Landmark

George Wright House

The site of the historic George Wright House in the South End of Halifax holds a special place in the hearts of many throughout the city. This well-known past residence now supports the history of the Local Council of Women (LCW-H), as well as many other groups and causes in the region. With stone foundations and ornate Queen Anne Revival architecture, this iconic building has stood the test of time. Like many other heritage buildings, dozens of renovations have modified the original over the years and eventually the idea of restoration takes centre stage.

SDMM was selected to help the LC-W document the existing conditions of the building with restoration in mind. We selected our Leica RTC360 for the task to provide high-quality data and imagery. The building was meticulously scanned over a two-day period and the as-built 3D point cloud was shared in Autodesk ReCap format for downstream use by other consultant groups.

Working with this highly detailed data set, designers and builders can now virtually inspect this building’s finest architectural features, produce as-built documentation like floor plans, sections, and elevation drawings, and generate a 3D model for visualization or 3D printing.

This work is integral to the restoration of heritage buildings including the George Wright House and organizations such as the Local Council of Women. For over a century, the women and volunteers in this organization have taken care of this gem, and they will now continue to do so with confidence. Heritage buildings take time and care to maintain, often partnering with funding groups and governments. Work like this allows a clear conversation of needs and priorities with funders and stakeholders alike.

“This work will let us move forward, beyond required repairs, towards true restoration and longevity for our historic space and our organization,” says Volunteer President, Sarah MacDonald.