The Jodrey Home

Digital Time Capsule

As a memorial to the Jodrey family legacy, Scotia Investments decided to digitally preserve the beloved homestead prior to demolishing the building to make room for an adjacent plant expansion. They wanted to create a digital twin of the original Jodrey home that could then be 3d printed for posterity. SDMM’s reality capture team was consulted to propose a strategy to deliver a scaled reproduction.

SDMM completed a high-resolution, high-accuracy scan of the exterior shell of the building ensuring every detail was captured for digital reconstruction. The resulting point cloud data was used to create a detailed 3d model, or digital twin, of the homestead which was then exported in a format suitable for 3d printing a scaled replica. While on site, SDMM technicians also scanned the interior spaces using Matterport technology to generate a virtual tour that could be revisited for generations to come.

To be continued…