Facility Conditions Assessment

Lindsay Construction understands the benefits of reality capture services when it comes to assessing the existing conditions of a facility, especially when that facility is located hours away from its nearest office. SDMM was selected to laser scan the interior and exterior of an aging production facility and deliver as-built drawings, 3D point cloud data, and a cloud-hosted virtual walkthrough with minimal turn-around time.

SDMM’s experienced reality capture team completed laser scanning of the 2-level facility without delay using a combination of their Leica RTC360 and Leica BLK2GO scanners. The captured data was registered to survey control and converted to accurate as-built floor plans and elevation drawings that same week and delivered together with the high-quality point cloud data and its corresponding 360 imagery.

By outsourcing SDMM’s professional services, Lindsay Construction’s Design, Engineering and Construction teams were able leverage detailed 3d point cloud data, reliable as-built drawings, and a 4K virtual walkthrough of the facility hosted in the cloud. This also saved the company time by not having to return to the site to answer new questions as they arose during design development. Using our comprehensive 3D data meant they could take measurements and remotely inspect every inch of the facility – as if they were there in person! This level of insight about the facility eliminated assumptions while enhancing communication and collaboration for confident design and construction decisions.