CCGC Sydney - Heating Modernization

Heating Modernization

SDMM was selected to capture the ongoing improvements to the Canadian Coast Guard College in Sydney, NS, as part of a heating retrofit project that started in 2019. Capturing upgrades made to the existing heating infrastructure during construction and before the open ceilings and walls were “buttoned up” was our primary objective.

The Canadian Coast Guard College is a maritime training college and Canadian Coast Guard facility located in Westmount, Nova Scotia. It consists of a variety of interlinked residential, training, administration, and health/fitness facilities. CCGC also has simulators for depicting the navigation of vessels in a variety of scenarios, dry-land mock-ups of vessel engine rooms, and a simulator for a rescue coordination centre.

Laser scanning followed construction as it progressed across the campus on a building per building basis. One of the unique challenges was timing our capture campaign and working in an active renovation environment around several other trades during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Strict adherence to safety protocols established by the general contractor was paramount, and an active work site made scanning difficult at times in closed quarters. However, by taking care to establish robust survey control, densifying target placement, and working off-peak hours, we were able to achieve high quality point cloud deliverables.

Our reality capture activities and point cloud deliverables are positioning the Facility Management staff for future as-built documentation success. Whether they choose to produce 2D schematic drawings or develop a full-facility BIM, our data is securing dividends for future operations and management challenges.