BIO Fish Lab 3D Scan

Post-demo Scan Service

Most renovation and redevelopment projects rely on accurate ‘as-built’ drawings and measurements. This represents the building or space as it was constructed, taking into account any changes made from the initial blueprints. Often these are not available and require painstaking efforts to gather. During the redevelopment of the Fish Lab at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Republic Architecture Inc. (Republic) called on SDMM to laser scan the facility, ensuring accurate ‘as-built’ information could be integrated into their design plans.

SDMM scanned the full building envelope, including the roof and all interior spaces, providing the Republic team with accurate 3D measured data of the 3,000 SQ.M., two-storey building. Together with a highly detailed, true colour point cloud, 4K HDR scanner imagery was hosted on SDMM’s TruView Cloud server and made available to project stakeholders involved in the redevelopment.

The technical data provided the detailed information needed by the Republic team to proceed confidently with design development. The 3D scanning process was quick and efficient. The comprehensive visual data simplified a complex real-world environment and revealed hidden building features in a way previously unimaginable. Having a 3D scan that combines photographic and geometric data enabled the Republic design team to review the information faster, rather than sifting through hundreds of photos and plan mark-ups. SDMM’s laser scanning services saved time, prevented costly miscalculations, and maintained project scheduling.