Benefits of Reality Capture Services for Design Teams

You do a lot of renovation projects and you always need current conditions info for your design development. Maybe you’ve standardized on Revit and need baseline measurements to validate your models.

Normally, you send a couple of people to the site to take measurements and 2D photos, who then come back to the office and draw it up, then return to the site to take a few more missed measurements, come back to the office and draw it up, then on to design when you realize “Wait, that’s not right. We need something better, something that can integrate with our drawing/model.” Sound familiar?

Do you find yourself asking questions like, “What’s really going on in this space? Can we raise the ceiling in this room? What will it look like if we leave the concrete in place? Was that in good condition or was it the other part that was in good condition? Do we need to plan on painting that or not? What’s the condition of the space, and what’s really there?”

Reality Capture solutions provide the answers you’ve been looking for, including:
  • Flexibility and information at your fingertips with the ability to visually explore a space like you were there in person, 24/7/365.
  • Reliable data, full of rich information critical to your decision-making process, that gives you an immersive environment to better understand current site conditions and helps you accurately model your project environment.
  • The ability to constantly return to the site and grab measurements/dimensions for things that suddenly become important to new design ideas.
  • Reduced trips to the project site which eliminates waiting. Can you afford to travel back and forth to get answers, or would you like to have the answers right away?
  • Enhanced communication with remote team members and out-of-town clients.
  • Seeing the complete picture all in one place instead of browsing 100s of photos hoping to find the right angle that captures your location of interest/query.
  • Increased confidence to put together a better scope of work and better budget. Ultimately, fewer unknowns increases your accuracy at projecting costs.

Hiring an experienced Reality Capture team means you won’t need to go back out on site. The immediate ROI is saving on unnecessary trips to the site and disruptions to your other projects, including your staff’s precious time. But the real ROI comes from using the reality data to make a different, better decision for the future of your project.

The value isn’t just transactional, it’s full lifecycle.

Our deliverables have value to the facilities community, the engineering and design departments, the construction team, to marketing, to operations, etc. One scan has a value that quintuples.