Are you using reality capture services to support your planning, design, and construction?

There’s no question, technological innovation is changing the way surveying can be done, with constant improvements in the world of data collection. Our firm lives on the cutting edge of this evolution and continually works to improve our services through early technology adoption, hands-on innovation, and mindful process improvement.

There once existed a remiss to consider reality capture services in daily practice on “typical” projects by most SMEs, but the tide is changing!

Between getting a full understanding of what reality capture technologies can deliver into your projects, re-thinking your budget to include it in the first place, and having the resources available to realize its benefits, too many barriers seemed to exist for many firms to entertain the idea, and they remained entrenched in the status-quo. We are now seeing a real upswing in awareness and acceptance, and every customer who engages our services quickly realizes their ROI, moving to a position of “Why haven’t we always done it this way?”

We want to crawl-walk-run with our customers and help them take full advantage of the many benefits our reality capture services offer, like reduced travel expenses using virtual walkthroughs, better planning and design with deeper insight, stronger coordination with efficient 2D & 3D documentation processes, improved safety, and reduced insurance costs. We strive to first understand your project goals and then stay with you while you learn to properly use this rich information and experience the ROI for yourself.

Our services are scalable and affordable against the alternative – unwanted surprises, scheduling delays, and costly change orders. Today, all building projects should consider adopting reality capture throughout their lifecycle. We move from a position of efficiency and sustainability, and our services can be used by planners, engineers, owners, contractors, and fabricators.

Achieve higher revenue by finishing jobs faster and with greater confidence. No job is too big or too small. Our experienced team will right-size their approach and deliver only the level of service you need to get the job done, better, and with less waste.

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