Accurate, Competitive Estimation for Construction Professionals

Our job site walkthroughs create opportunities for productivity and may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Technology is transforming construction.

With the sector under pressure to increase productivity, reduce its impact on the environment, and improve margins, we invite you to learn about our offer to help:

  • streamline estimation,
  • increase your qualified bids,
  • visually enhance coordination,
  • reduce RFIs,
  • improve subcontractor tracking,
  • make your customers happier.

Our job site walkthroughs create opportunities for productivity and may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Your staff and subcontractors can’t always attend site meetings and, even when they do, it’s difficult to uncover all the issues related to existing conditions while they’re there. Photos can’t capture everything, and information gaps persist which quickly become RFIs that take time and energy to address. Depending on the nature of the site (e.g., health care), you may not even have enough time to complete a job walk due to scheduling constraints.

Our job site walkthroughs give you the complete picture of your job site and not only improve communication and save time, they’re also measurable. This means you don’t have to travel back and forth to the site get answers. Now you can have the answers right away, 24/7/365, rain or shine.

Open up our job site walkthroughs to your client and project team and:

  • reduce RFIs by filling in the voids associated with information gaps in the drawing package versus what actually exists on site,
  • backcheck all the way through estimation and pre-construction,
  • deliver a more competitive bidding package to your clients,
  • create project team alignment on design intent and budget constraints.

We’ve helped others by capturing:

  • pre and post-demo for estimating based on existing conditions,
  • during construction to virtually inspect backing and framing, in-wall complete, over-head complete,
  • the finished product to promote your good work and impress your clients.


Your subs will love you because they get the ability to bid on projects even if they didn’t attend the initial site meeting. Owners will love you because you’re giving them flexible, free oversight during cost negotiation like they’ve never experienced before. Your staff will love you because they now have increased confidence and certainty about their estimation and tracking work.

The best part about our solution is its ease-of-use, speed and ROI. The value isn’t just transactional, it’s full lifecycle, and the incremental costs associated with our services become inconsequential to the savings they promote.

We would welcome a casual discussion to explore ways we can help you identify and eliminate some of the waste that may be preventing you from winning more jobs and increasing your margins.