Lot Grading Plans & Certification

Although often the most overlooked step of the residential building application process, Lot Grading Plans are required by HRM to qualify for a building permit on any serviceable lot within the municipality. Our engineers or professional land surveyors can prepare lot grading plans that ensure compliance with the process and avoid unnecessary delays.

As detailed site layout & grading designs that work in conjunction with architectural drawings, lot grading plans serve two main purposes:

  1. That the proposed building will fit on the property while meeting municipal setback and area requirements.
  2. To design grading that meets bylaw guidelines and prevents unwanted storm water from negatively impacting the subject property as well as neighbouring areas.

A Lot Grading Certificate is then required to obtain an occupancy permit. Endorsed by one of our engineers or land surveyors, the lot grading certificate confirms that the final constructed grading/landscaping meets the intent of the lot grading plan and the minimum requirements of the HRM Lot Grading & Drainage Bylaw.


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