Subdividing Land & Boundary Surveys

While it can be said that good fences make good neighbors, that's only true if there are undisputed boundaries and clear titles involved. Regardless of the size or complexity of a project - a simple fence, family land division or full scale building project -  our professional land surveyors are experts at evaluating existing property information and interpreting physical evidence.

Subdivision Design

When it comes to subdivision design, understanding the lay of the land, literally, is the crucial first step. By identifying the land contours, watercourses, wetlands, natural features and non-disturbance areas of your property, we're able to better visualize design outcomes and suggest alternatives right from the start that will save you time and money. Our excellent working relationship with regulatory agencies and in-depth knowledge of municipal and provincial procedures allow us to guide you through the pre-planning and planning process toward approval, helping you to meet your scheduling and financial objectives.

Lot Grading Plans & Certification

Although often the most overlooked step of the residential building application process, Lot Grading Plans are required by HRM to qualify for a building permit on any serviceable lot within the municipality. Our engineers or professional land surveyors can prepare lot grading plans that ensure compliance with the process and avoid unnecessary delays. As detailed site layout & grading designs that work in conjunction with architectural drawings, lot grading plans serve two main purposes.

Building Layouts & Surveyor's Location Certificates

Whether you're constructing a new multi-unit building or a new home, our professional land surveyors provide accurate and reliable building layouts, illustrating horizontal and vertical references on the ground for the purpose of guiding excavation, construction, and foundations of any size and shape.


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