Flying High Over Grand Parade, Halifax

Subsequent to the completion of Phase 4 of the Halifax City Hall restoration project in 2014, HRM desired to undertake a visual inspection of the exterior façade and roof to acquire baseline data for use in future maintenance planning and budgeting. With additional renovation work planned for the Grand Parade site, the City also wanted to supply consultants with accurate spatial information about the existing site topology and ground features (to supplement the 2d topographical survey that SDMM had completed previously). In lieu of traditional methods that would require expensive scaffolding to be erected and that would cause inconvenience to City staff and visitors to the site, an aerial survey and visual inspection using a purpose-built sUAS was carried out. The sUAS incorporated a commercial-grade UAV (or "drone") with a very high-end optical imaging system capable of capturing hundreds of high resolution photos rapidly and with extreme detail. In addition to supplying the close-range, high resolution photos of the entire City Hall structure, SDMM used modern photogrammetry methods to deliver a 3d photo-textured model of the building and Grand Parade from the image set for use in future planning work by the City.


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