Historic Site Experiences Modernization

The Alexander, a 240-unit multi-residential and commercial property, is being developed by Killam Properties at the site of the historic Brewery Market and Keith Hall. Prior to the start of design development, Killam’s project engineers, CBCL, advised them that the lack of current, reliable, existing conditions information for the adjacent historical building could negatively impact the design and should be addressed up front to avoid problems during construction. CBCL, already familiar with our Scan-to-BIM services from prior projects, asked SDMM to propose a solution and scope of work to deliver an existing conditions model plus 2d documentation of the site for use by the architects and engineers. Comprehensive 2d & 3d information about the entire site, including relevant portions of the vertical structures (existing buildings) affected by construction, view planes, and a topographical surface was delivered to Michael Napier Architects and CBCL serving as their basis for design and development of construction documentation.


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