Make it fit the first time!

The annual plant maintenance shutdown for this pulp & paper producer is a time when critical infrastructure upgrades and repairs are undertaken. Everything must go according to a fixed schedule so that the plant can restart on time. Any delays can severely impact the start of production and cost the owners money. Particularly problematic is the use of traditional on-site fabrication methods to replace aging and worn piping that is complex in shape and size as well as unique to the environment; meaning, replacement parts need to be custom built. After learning about our laser scanning and modelling services, NP contracted SDMM to scan and model a segment of a high-pressure blow line that needed replacing. SDMM delivered a 3d model (Autodesk Inventor) and 2d fabrication drawings that were used by a sub-contractor to fabricate the new segment off-site. The “exact fit” replacement was delivered to the Mill and was installed without a hitch, allowing the production line to be restarted as scheduled.


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