Laser Scanning

What is it?

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a method of high-accuracy mapping or reality capture that uses laser beams to quickly capture complete geometric detail on the surface of an object (e.g. a building) or space (e.g. a construction site) – much like a 360 degree photo, but with an accurate position on every pixel. The captured data is highly detailed and is commonly represented in a 3d point cloud.

Laser scanning has become the de facto method for capturing existing conditions information and is an integral part of any Building Information Modeling (BIM) process.

For Renovation & Refit

As-built records are the starting point of every renovation, refit, or refurbishment project. Normally, as-built information is either non-existent or woefully outdated and inaccurate. Access to reliable data on existing [building] conditions from current as-built information forms the basis for analysis, design, documentation, and quality control and is an essential element of successful project planning and risk mitigation. Without it, a design that relies on incomplete or inaccurate information encounters issues that become engrained or baked in to the project documentation. As the project moves from one phase to the next, these issues become more complex and their impact on the overall success of the project becomes larger and more costly to fix.

For New Construction

One of the simplest and most valuable laser scanning applications for construction is the validation of the work put in pace as designed. A fast and accurate way to capture complex jobsite information, laser scanning can be performed and evaluated on a weekly basis to head off problems before they materialize, meaning contractors can save time and money while ensuring the best quality construction. Lowering risk by detecting construction inaccuracies or deficiencies before they start to affect the schedule and budget is a key benefit of integrating laser scanning in the construction process.


Using our Leica scanners and Leica Cyclone point cloud processing software we deliver highly detailed, colorized point clouds as well as 360 HDS imagery. This data is then turned into a variety of 2d and 3d models tailored for your specific needs. Our unique offering of web-hosted imagery gives your team 24/7 remote access to view and measure the project site. Rain or shine, you will have eyes on your site.

Let us help you understand how and where laser scanning fits into your project and the value it can offer to your bottom line.

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