Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Site Design

As a result of working in tandem with the construction industry and government regulatory agencies, the engineers at SDMM are able to provide comprehensive design and procedural guidance when it comes to industrial, commercial and institutional design. Our detailed feasibility studies and innovative concept development can help guide you through the development agreement process and maximize your site's full potential.

Based on government requirements, we are able to provide the team to assist you with the planning/approval process by delivering:

  • Preliminary site plans & servicing designs
  • Detailed site & servicing designs
  • Storm water management/drainage designs
  • Sewage treatment design
  • Traffic impact analysis/studies/statements
  • Building drawings
  • Landscaping plans
  • Population density
  • Shadow and wind studies

For a complete list of HRM requirements and fees related to planning or building applications, please visit:


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