Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Site Design

As a result of working in tandem with the construction industry and government regulatory agencies, the engineers at SDMM are able to provide comprehensive design and procedural guidance when it comes to industrial, commercial and institutional design. Our detailed feasibility studies and innovative concept development can help guide you through the development agreement process and maximize your site's full potential.

Municipal Inspection

Highly knowledgeable, experienced and well-respected by regulatory agencies, SDMM is leading the way when it comes to integrating technology to enhance the work of our municipal inspectors. Using the latest robotic and mobile survey equipment, our inspectors are able to monitor what's happening onsite in real-time, ensuring any issues that arise can be dealt with before they become a costly problem or delay.

Project Control & Gridline Layout

In order to prevent costly errors during the excavation and construction phases of a project, SDMM provides reliable survey layouts and ensures the accurate placement of the horizontal and vertical design elements. Leveraging our vast experience working with contractors throughout HRM, our safety-trained field techs are able to provide quick response time and rigorous quality assurance and quality control, ensuring project tolerances and municipal guidelines are satisfied.

Condominium Development

SDMM is a pioneer in the field of condominium development, having assisted the Province of Nova Scotia with developing condominium regulations in the 1970's. Our base knowledge and broad experience will benefit your condominium development by facilitating the registry process and enabling your project to proceed without delay. Our trained staff members are experts at measuring units, preparing certified condominium plans, legal boundary plans, legal property descriptions, easement plans and Certificates of Title.

Sewage Treatment Design

We are specially certified by both Wastewater Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Environment to provide QP1 and QP2 services in relation to inspection, design and certification of on-site sewage and septic disposals systems as well as wastewater treatment facilities. With our in-house expertise and in-depth understanding of the regulatory requirements, SDMM can evaluate your site and determine the best method for efficient sewage disposal.


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