Flow Test?

SDMM now offers full service hydrant flow testing.

Special Recognition

SDMM would like to pay special recognition to Susan Harris, recently a 40 year veteran of Servant, Dunbrack, McKenzie & MacDonald Limited.  Susan has been a loyal and hard-working employee over all these years and has been a steady, reliable force behind the our drafting department since drafting tables and Leroy templates were standard issue.


Prefabrication - Don't Be Shocked

Repairs to the roof structure of the concrete electrical vault at the Weldon Law Building required the off-site fabrication of a custom, non-conductive scaffold. Current spatial data was needed by the manufacturer to custom design and accurately fabricate the scaffolding to fit within existing spaces to tight tolerances. SDMM was contracted to capture the complex environment and deliver current, as-found 2d & 3d documentation of the vault and electrical equipment that was supplied to the Ontario-based manufacturer.

HIAA Takes Off With 3D

Seeking improved as-built documentation to provide to their consultants, the HIAA reached out to SDMM after hearing about our laser scanning services. Almost immediately, the Airport Authority recognized the larger benefits of leveraging the 3D modelling that SDMM’s Scan-to-BIM workflow utilizes to generate 2D drawings. Initially, SDMM was contracted to locate, scan, and model the sanitary line within the boundaries of the original Air Terminal Building’s center core, built in the ‘60s. In collaboration with M&R Engineering, SDMM delivered an existing conditions BIM to LOD300 standards along with updated 2d as-built drawings. Since then, SDMM have carried out additional Scan-to-BIM projects for the Airport Authority including the Domestic Departure Concessions Infill (2nd floor), and Domestic Arrivals Modernization projects.


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